Most people who join The Ecclesia Sophiana do so to become priests. The Ecclesia Sophiana has three forms of clergy: Deacons, Priests, and Bishops. Its Apostolic Successions derive from the historical churches of East and West and can be traced back through multiple lines back to the first Apostles, and even beyond.


The Leader of The Ecclesia Sophiana is the Catholicos, who is a properly consecrated Bishop. The Catholicos is the guide and adviser of the Church and consecrates other Bishops, as well as being responsible for the ordination of Priests and Deacons.


Priests  are ordained to celebrate the sacraments and other ordinances, especially that of the Liturgy. They may do this alone, in their homes or private temples, or in hired buildings. They are also advised to seek a pastoral role in the community, however minor this may be. This could involve work as a Funeral Celebrant, Chaplain, Healer, Counsellor etc.


Deacons  are unable to celebrate the Liturgy but may conduct other forms of service, including Baptisms and Funerals. The Diaconate is also used as a formation stage to Priesthood. Priests and Deacons are entitled to the title of “Reverend.”


Those wishing to join The Ecclesia Sophiana but do not seek ordination as a Priest or Deacon may wish to become a lay member or an acknowledged Lay Minister or Healer.