About us

Who are we & what do we do?

The Ecclesia Sophiana was formed in 2017 as a network of individuals and small gatherings pursuing a devotional practice that seeks, in particular, to restore the feminine aspect of God.

The Ecclesia Sophiana celebrates the historical ordinances, especially the Liturgy, though the words used reflect a Gnostic Christianity embracing both male and female aspects of the Divine.


The Ecclesia Sophiana has a structure based on historical forms of governance, with a priesthood ordained into the valid Apostolic Succession, and led by a consecrated Bishop who serves as the Catholicos.


The Ecclesia Sophiana owns no buildings and has no paid clergy. Its priests are trained by distance learning programmes offered free to successful applicants. The priesthood is open to women and men equally, to people of all sexualities, to young and old, to the able-bodied and to the disabled.


The Ecclesia Sophiana has a broad spectrum of belief, it is non-dogmatic, and values insights from all religions. Though there is a “canon” of scripture, acceptance of the value of these is determined by individual conscience.


The Ecclesia Sophiana is a mystical church, and as such promotes private prayer, meditation and reflection.


The Ecclesia Sophiana is within the Gnostic tradition and thus looks upon Biblical history, not as literal truth, but as Mythology, Analogy and Metaphor. The focus of devotional life is not to explore belief but to experience the Divine Presence within oneself.


The Ecclesia Sophiana is a healing body and welcomes those who wish to develop a healing practice in a Gnostic Christian context.